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    You shouldn’t try to stop everything from happening. Sometimes you’re supposed to feel awkward. Sometimes you’re supposed to be vulnerable in front of people. Sometimes it’s necessary because it’s all part of you getting to the next part of yourself.


    Cecelia Ahern, The Book of Tomorrow  (via fuckingcamilla)

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  5. But have you ever been so optimistic about the future before?

  6. How much does it take to repress a certain memory?

  7. "You can’t spend the rest of your life being afraid of people rejecting you, and you have to start by not rejecting yourself, you don’t deserve it. From now on, people can either accept you for who you are or they can fuck off."

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  8. im such a mess el oh el

  9. whoiskasey:

    Excellent Manners Wolf goes to his local coffee shop

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